Links of Interest

PA STEM Initiative
NEW - Life Science Career Alliance - From their Web site... "Whether you would like information on career opportunities in the life sciences, want to know more about workforce training and development, or are interested in ļ¬nding out how you can help us ensure the availability of a stable, skilled, and knowledgeable workforce for the Greater Philadelphia region, you have come to the right place!"
Math and Science Career Zone - TI and Sloan Career Cornerstone Center have partnered together to offer resources that can help you explore possible STEM careers and planning strategies.
PBS STEM Education Resource Center - Explore new ideas and new worlds related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning through television and online content.
Pathways To Green Schools -From the Web site ~ "This Pathways to Green Schools site is designed to provide school districts with helpful information in one location. It includes the latest information on state programs and grants available for your school, as well as best practices from districts around the state--where schools and communities are making investments that help conserve natural resources and reduce energy costs."
STEM Grants - STEM funding grant opportunities
STEM Connect - STEM Connect is a real-world STEM curriculum and career development resource from Discovery Education.
Engineering - Go For It!
Greening Of The World of Work - Report addressing increasing and emerging jobs related to the Green Economy.
STEM Research and Modeling Network
Fuel Our Future Now - STEM Education free resources
Don't Miss This One: Explore Your Future - A career exporation Web site available to students, teachers, school counselors and parents. This career tool is focused on careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and the 21st Century skills students need to meet the challenges of the new global economy.
America's Promise Summit - Pennsylvania's Dropout Prevention Summit
STEM Survey Report CMU-IU1.pdf
STEM Database - Providing 50-state information on 10 indicators related to quality of and access to high school-level STEM programs. The database also offers information on state programs targeted at STEM achievement among female, low-income, and minority students.
Career and Technical Database - CTE database provides 50-state data on 13 state policy indicators linked to program access and quality, including: the use of employability skill assessment tools, the inclusion of CTE courses in graduation requirements, and funding mechanisms, among others.
National Girls Collaborative Project
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) - The WISE Institute addresses the underrepresentation of women in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) disciplines at Penn State, nationally, and internationally.
Technology Education Association of Pennsylvania
International Technology Education Association
National Science Foundation
American Society For Engineering Education
National Academy of Engineering
Engineering Education Service Center
National Center for Engineering and Technology Education
National Center for Technological Literacy
Encouraging Girls in STEM - Encouraging Girls in STEM.pdf
STEM in Action - Read about an online competition focused on STEM that is taking place in Saratoga Springs, NY. Click here
STEM Portal from the UK - Click here
Podcasts about STEM Careers - Click here
Benchmarking for Success - Provides a roadmap for benchmarking K-12 education systems against those of top-performing nations.